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Home & Haven has many clients.  We work with individual home owners, builders, and commercial projects. We love the variety of projects because it allows us to be creative in different spaces.  One of our main goals with our store is to stretch our imagination so we are always looking for new partners, new clients, and new challenges.


We look forward to greeting people when they walk in and say, “I need a new kitchen, or I am looking to replace my front door,” this is our day to day constant.  We love working with home owners to re-imagine their space or build their new home.  There is no appointment necessary, walk in and let’s start building.


One of the amazing opportunities we are looking to expand into is office spaces.  So many business owners, doctors, dentists, law offices, retail spaces, and others, are looking to completely overhaul their space in order to retain clients or seek out new business.  First impressions are very important in today’s society and renovating your office space has a fantastic return on investment both professionally and personally. Having a fresh and healthy space to serve your clients will foster growth as people talk about how good they felt in your space, and you will feel pride in ownership as you open the doors each day.


New hotels or hotel renovation is something we would be excited to be apart of.  From product selection to install we could supply and install for the interior renovation. We have custom cabinetry for in suite kitchenette’s, custom vanities for bathrooms, flooring partners for all commercial graded carpet and tile, and we can help select paint color to coordinate the entire space.   Working with specifications, auto cad drawings, architects, and engineers are something our staff has done on a daily basis for years. We find it really exciting to work from the vision, and drill down into specs and drawings to get to the final product.   We have a full installation team that could handle a large project, and Project Management Professionals to coordinate.


Retirement Homes are such a special environment.  Working with a specific clientele with specific needs is in our wheelhouse. We would love to work with your team to help select materials and products that would be suitable for someone who can’t see very well, or someone who needs accessible features in bathrooms and kitchens, or customize a community space for all the residents to use.  We are flexible and have access to all types of products and can follow specific specifications set out by the architect or designer.


Retail spaces are always evolving.  Everyone needs to keep up with the trends and attract that must see show space.  We love creativity and we can really help with clients who want to create a certain feel or ambiance to enhance the sale of their product.  We get innovation, and we get custom.  Let’s brainstorm a space together.


Restaurants & Bars have specific needs; durability, cleanliness, and attractiveness.  We have partnered with End of the Roll who has access to many commercial products; and just because it is commercial, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.  The custom tile work we can do around bars, and kitchens is breathtaking, and it will really set you apart from your competitors.  We want to help you build your business and create a beautiful space.


We want to get involved with school renovations.  We have the ability to customize cupboards for classrooms, floors, counter tops, bathroom vanities, and office spaces.  We can help with product selection, and we can put a space together that feels inviting to learn in and teach in.


One of our growing business lines is design consultation. We can work with anyone to design and decorate your space.  We have people in house that can guide you and we also have partnered with Interior Designers in town that would be amazing to work with. We love referring people and finding the right fit for our clients.