Our showroom is a stunner. Our space incorporates designs and accents that are timeless, and we are constantly bringing in new products to showcase the hottest trends. We all know that some classics will always be in style, and our showroom has the perfect blend of trends and classics. We have something to suit everyone’s taste, and if we don’t have it in the store, we have catalogs of unique products that we can browse to find something perfect for you.

In each section of our showroom we have space to physically lay out design plans alongside product samples, so we can help you see the full picture. We want you to take your time and above all, have fun designing your space! Our ceilings are cathedral height, we have floor to ceiling windows in the front of our storeroom and we have renovated the walls and floors to showcase all the products. It truly is a space to marvel in. We focused on a feeling of fresh and clean design paired with vast selection of current materials. It is simply a beautiful combination.

A unique feature of the store is our private meeting room, available to designers, builders, and realtors for meeting with their clients to discuss their project(s). We aspire for people to come to our store to do business, to make their clients feel special, and to enjoy their time with us.

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