Entertaining is a breeze in well-designed spaces. Building that “man cave” of your dreams, or that walk-out bar, custom home theater, and of course a stunning family TV room can be accomplished with creativity and attention to detail. We have an experienced team, specializing in design and custom cabinetry that will not only meet, but exceed all of your personal needs and expectations for that chosen area of your home.

Sometimes you can’t find that piece of furniture that magically meets all your needs, so why not let us create exactly what you imagined. The term “Custom” doesn’t always have to come with an overwhelmingly large price tag. Come see us in store to find out just what we could do to improve, modernize, or simply beautify essentially any room in your home.

We have worked with several clients to design and build a variety of cabinetry spaces. For example; a custom wine storage unit, a floating TV console that houses all the equipment needed, a custom bar for a pool area and more. Despite the difference in project nature, all clients had only one thing to say about the end result, “I love it”.

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