What do you want from your bathroom? Is it a retreat away from the world? Is it a space for short term guests? Does the whole family use it everyday? We ask these questions before we start designing to help you organize your plan. Here at Home & Haven we want to facilitate all your thoughts and streamline your plan so it best suits your needs.

The bathroom is the one room in your house that has all the forces of naturetesting its functionality and durability, ‘forces of nature’, we mean allthe people in and out of your house. From young children, to aginggrandparents, there are many wants and needs to consider for everyone. Narrowing down your primary user will helpyou map your bathroom. You don’t have tosacrifice beauty for functionality, come see us in store to find out how yourbathroom can be both beautiful and functional.


Working with the same manufacturers for kitchen lines, we can order you different configurations of the typical bathroom vanity or customize a piece for your bathroom needs.

Home & Haven can customize any vanity your heart desires. In addition, we have also sourced vanities that come in specific sizes that offer different configurations, allowing you to select the layout that best suits your day to day use. Whether it is a double sink with two drawer banks flanking the sink, or a single sink with a cupboard for a powder room; we can help you pick the color and design for you.

Just like kitchens, vanities have come a long way. The standard layout can be configured in different ways so that your bathroom is a conversation room rather than a room that acts solely for necessity. Linen towers are very popular and offer that extra storage for towels, products and your personal care tools. If you are not into the tall cabinet, and have the room for two vanities, or one long vanity we can design you a piece that is beautiful and functional.

We have also noticed that vanities are being designed using different heights to accommodate a beauty area to sit, apply make up and relax while you get ready for the day, or that hot night on the town. We really want to give you what you deserve; and that is value and design for your space. We value client satisfaction and we get this by listening to what you want. We are so excited for your renovation!


The overall style of your bathroom is much like a kitchen. What do you see as your style? Country, Modern, Post Modern, traditional, and the list goes on; even if you don’t know exactly what to call it, we can ask the questions that will make you go “ah ha! that’s me!”

Along with the style of your vanity, there is also the placement of your toilet, your shower, and your tub, we can help you design your space to make it beautiful and functional. Bring your measurements, we can help you, or put you in contact with some fantastic designers that can work with you. It is amazing what you can do with proper planning when beautifying the bathroom.

We have that special tile, we have the shower system underlay product that will water proof your shower, we have the vanity, and we have partnered with Plumbing Warehouse for all fixture needs.

Home & Haven is one destination, for all your inspiration.


Another important service we offer to our clients is our ability to show the client what their bathroom will look like through our advanced designer software. Home & Haven can draft your design digitally, allowing you to see what your bathroom will look like before you commit to the end product. We can even apply color and pair it with a back splash and flooring; it is truly a value-added service. With our in-house bathroom designer, we can literally accomplish whatever you can imagine.


The heated floor. It makes sense. It is amazing.

In our showroom we have the heated floor installed under a ceramic/porcelain tile, and another heated floor installed under a luxury vinyl plank to show how nice a warm floor feels on your feet.

Imagine stepping out of the shower and feeling a nice warming sensation rise up through your body as your feet glide across the floor; or visualize waking up in the morning and walking across the bathroom and feeling the warmth embrace your feet. It is a luxury that is affordable and well worth the investment. If you are planning on staying in your house forever, it’s worth it. If you are planning on selling your house in the next few years, it’s worth it. Treat yourself to sensible luxury; you’re worth it.

Home & Haven carries two different lines of heated flooring; Schluter & Flextherm. These suppliers are leading in the industry because of their continual innovation and attention to detail. And, Surprise!!, You can choose to have a programmable thermostat, similar to your furnace, or you can opt for the wireless application, controlled from your smart phone. Amazing. Technology is making us warm and we love it!

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