Black the new white for windows

Windows can be sexy, just ask the staff at Home & Haven. Windows are the eyes of the home, and this season they are playing the tune, She’s Got Betty Davis Eyes.

From black-painted casements to the European style of the new Tilt and Turn, you will notice a trend moving away from the standard windows to windows that not only function for energy efficiency but dress up the exterior of the home instantaneously.

Suppliers say the demand for black windows for both interior and exterior finish have soared over the last two years and the trend isn’t coming to end. People want something a little different, something to add the wow factor to their home, and thinking outside the proverbial white box, the black window box is something to marvel at. They make the window a piece of art by framing the outside scenery just like the art you have in your home.

Having that stark contrast elevates the aesthetic and draws the eye to the window adding another layer of design appeal. Black isn’t the only colour out there, it’s just the fan favourite for now and arguably will be for the next 10 years to come.

This year more architects, designers, builders and home owners will be turning to our European counterparts for a sleek approach to windows. The Tilt and Turn. Google it. They are beautiful. Very simple and minimal obstructions for viewing and combined with triple glazing options they become very high in energy efficiency.

More news on the window front, Home & Haven is becoming an exclusive dealer in the north for a popular wood window and door company. We have yet to sign the papers but over the next few months we will be featuring wood windows in our showroom. The wood window is not for every customer. It is for the customer who appreciates wood, and enjoys the carpentry and technology that only a wood window can offer. They are more expensive, but for some, the price of having wood is worth it.

Wood windows offer endless customization, outstanding durability, eco-friendly, and authenticity that vinyl can not provide.

Home & Haven is a boutique for windows that has the pulse on the trends. We offer a unique experience in window shopping. We invite you to our showroom for a no-obligation window and door consultation for your next building or remodeling project.

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