Blinds are an investment

Own the light. This is the current Hunter Douglas campaign. Hunter Douglas is a world-renowned high-quality blind and curtain company that has been in business for decades.

“Own the light” means that with every window, there is an opportunity to adjust natural light to what you want in your home. You can filter it to have minimal light or complete darkness or anything in between, it really is your preference.

Blinds are one of the fixtures in the home that are needed but sometimes overlooked when buying or decorating.

Blinds are an investment. They are used everyday and serve multi-purposes. They provide privacy and are a décor feature, setting the mood for every room. They should be thought of in the initial design and lighting decisions.

At Home & Haven, we work with our clients by offering complimentary in-home measurements and estimates. We also bring the catalogues to you. Typically, our clients come in to the store and select a few blind options, and we then bring those catalogues to their home to see what colours go with the décor. We also offer installation with the price.

Hunter Douglas has many different options and many colours to choose from; it can be overwhelming. We like to work in clients’ homes so they can feel comfortable with what they are selecting.

Hunter Douglas blinds can be open and closed from your remote or your smartphone or tablet. The technology is remarkable and it allows for windows to have the ease of use at any height. This feature sets Hunter Douglas apart along with their patent-designed blinds.

One of the tricks to design is thinking about how the light passes through the window. Do you want the sun to cascade through the blinds and throw a design in light across the room? Some of the selections have this option, if you were looking to add some visual interest. Do you want a calm evenly spread light filter that just kisses the décor and provides a highlight? These are the conversations we have with our clients.

We also have many clients who want complete darkness when they sleep and that is totally understandable. We can provide 100 percent black-out options with a variety of blinds and shades.

One of the new lines Hunter Douglas offers is curtains. This is so exciting. This will be the complete window dressing package.

We invite you to come in our showroom or to visit our website and see our Hunter Douglas blinds and curtain options. Start owning your light with Home & Haven.

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