Whether it is your front entry door, patio door, a storm door, or the side door to your home; you have thought about what you want it to look like. You want the entry points to your home to be energy efficient and made with quality materials, creating stunningly beautiful results. You want your front entry door to welcome your friends and family with a sharp decorative distinction from your neighbors. You want your door to say, “This is my home.” There are many others like it, but this one is unique because I picked the glass, the color, and the handles.

Here at Home & Haven, we have a wide selection of exterior doors that will surely spark your creative flair. From contemporary, post-modern, to traditional, we have it all. There is something for everyone here and if we don’t have it in the showroom, we can order to the store from a wide variety of catalogs, truly a custom experience.


One of the trends we are seeing as of late is a solid slab door painted a vibrant color, or full glass doors with rain inspired glass. Where do you start when selecting your front door? The best place to start is with a picture of your home. This acts as a drawing board for you when browsing the different options available to you. Take a photo of your home and come see us in our showroom. We can help you visualize what you want and where to start.

You may have a single door with two sidelights, or have two solid doors, either way, if change is what you’re looking for, we can help you. The photo will also help you remember the other elements of your home; such as the color of your shutters, the shade of your shingles, and the color of your brick or siding. All these details captured in the picture will help us design a new and improved entry way

One of the best-selling features of our front entry doors is that you can get them painted any Benjamin Moore color your heart desires. If you don’t see the color you want, we can pick the exact color that you have your heart set on. You seriously can’t get any more custom than that. From selecting the style, profile, glass, and whether or not to incorporate sidelights, everything comes down to the details you personally select.

Home & Haven is happy to provide complementary estimates and measures. We will come to your house and do the measure and estimate so that you don’t have to guess. Our staff have been in the window and door business for years and they specialize in retrofit construction. Updating the curb appeal to your home is very important. It helps in resale, with pride of ownership, and most importantly keeps you and your family safe and warm.


You could seriously upgrade or showcase the design of the exterior of your home with your front door selection. The front entry space is extremely important in terms of both home value and daily functionality of your home, yet still often remains over looked. Every day you and your family walk in and out of your home, on average 2 to 10 times a day. What do you want that to look like?

Do you have a big family that requires more space to take your coat off and drop the school bags? Or do you own a large family pet, or have accessibility needs, carry large equipment for work, or do you have minimal belongings and will simply use that space when company comes over? Everyone’s needs are different. With that in mind, selecting a front entry door for your new build could dictate the entire look and feel of the front entry space of the home.

Having a double door entry system with sidelights instantly expands the front entrance area, allowing for ease of passage both coming and going from the home. If you happen to be looking for a single door due to plans to flank the entry way with two living areas, we can focus on what the exterior of your home looks like and find the perfect door to tie all aspects such as color, structure, lighting and desired functionality together.

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Since 1947, we’ve understood the definition of Dream Home is as unique as the person imagining it. Our millwork artisans offer decades of expertise in creating the highest quality of custom, hand-crafted Canadian windows and doors. With innovative details designed and engineered for effortless operation, energy-efficient and climate-conscious options and a wide array of beautiful custom finishes, if you can dream it, Lepage can help you define it.

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