Happily Ever After

Before and After Photos. These are the money shots. The dreams come true. These are the shots that inspire creativity, excitement, and encouragement. All you have to do is trust in your Home & Haven Design Studio team.

We start at the beginning with a conversation and listening to clients. “This is what I must have. This is what I need. These are my constraints and this is my ideal timeline.”

Typically, our clients saw something they liked in a magazine or at their friends’ house. And they generally know what they don’t want because they have been living with it for years.

During these conversations, we have found some clients like to do the designing and decorating themselves, and others need guidance because they know what they like but just can’t put it together.

From colour schemes to design, our team discusses beautiful materials and the appeal of design, but also focuses on functionality. Beauty and function are important, and if you have one without the other, your space won’t meet your expectations.

Take a look at this regular bathroom. It had a standard shower/tub pre-fab system, an average vanity, and standard finishings. We gave it a penthouse-feel straight out of a design magazine. This bathroom belongs to the owner of Basement Fitness, a Sudbury gym, and this new space allows him to enjoy his time off in his newly defined bathroom.

The before and after photos of this kitchen speak for themselves. Marc and Lisa Savard, owners of RFP, can’t get enough of their new kitchen. “We are so pleased with how efficient Kerrie and her Home & Haven team were to deal with. We love our new space and we are very impressed with the quality.”

Home & Haven sells kitchens, windows, doors, custom stair cases, blinds, all types of floor, and since we have it one location our design process is easy. We have an abundance of selection, so you don’t waste time hopping from store to store. We ARE a boutique of quality products with experienced staff, and we work with a variety of budgets. We have design/décor capabilities inhouse, and we also partner with great local businesses, and interior designers for additional services.

If you can envision your After, let us come and see your Before.

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