Investing in your home adds value

One of my favourite memories is sitting on my parent’s porch with my friends. My parents would be coming and going, and we would sit and chat and collect more friends as they walked by. I loved my parent’s porch, and I loved my friends sitting on it

Just recently, they upgraded that porch by putting in a new front entry door and it looks fantastic. My parents’ house was 40 years old and it was time. The house looked its age; a facelift was in order and their realtor recommended it.

After some discussion, they changed the front door, the mailbox, and the windows. The house looked beautiful again, just as I remembered it when I was a teenager. My parents ended up selling their home for above-asking price, so they walked away happy that they got their investment back. I walked away with my memories of my parent’s house and the warm feeling that my parents were proud of what they built.

They loved their home and felt good passing it onto the new family who was going to sit on that porch.

Pride in ownership is a great feeling, so I think my parents did it right. They did renovations a little at a time which kept the value of their home up, and gave them the satisfaction that their love was passed through the bricks and mortar.

My takeaway was that whether you have a two-, five- or 10-year plan, maintaining the curb appeal by changing your front entry door will only increase the likelihood you will love your home, and the next buyers will too.

Selecting the right products is very important. The building envelope of your home keeps heat in during the winter, cool air in during the summer and allows for the proper airflow all year round. But it also reflects personal style because it is your taste and personality that make it unique. The installation is also crucial to the success of the door system.

At Home & Haven we have the technical expertise to help you select the right door for your home, and the design expertise to help you pick the one that will wow the neighbours.

We believe every selection is personal and every experience in the buying process should reflect that. We value our clients and we believe we are meeting a need, solving a problem and bringing knowledge to our clients about our products and services.

We are not just a sales team. We value collaboration, engagement, and kindness. Every client is a chance for us to start a new relationship. It could start with a door, a window, a kitchen, or a blind, whatever you come in for, we can help you solve that problem, meet that need, and feel good about your choices.

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