Laundry rooms and mud rooms are the new kitchens. They are given the same amount of attention when encompassing function and beauty you need. More recently people have been putting their laundry rooms on the main floor for ease of use, thus making it a focal point from various vantage points in the home. Needless to say, when designing your laundry space, it is important that it flows with the decor of your home.

For the laundry room, Home & Haven can design a space that can hold all your cleaning products, laundry soaps, extra linens all while have storage for your ironing board, and even a clothes rack. You could have a room that has space to fold clothes, and you could have a room that makes doing laundry easy and arguably fun!

Here at Home & Haven, we think that by making your life easier with functionality and beauty, all that mental stress will melt away. We can make your laundry space work for you, so that you can focus on the important things in life; friends and family.


Now for the mud room, who doesn’t want a home for all their winter gear, boots for all seasons, and sandals and hats for those summer months? Who doesn’t want to sit down and comfortably put their shoes on? And who wouldn’t want all the family members to have their own little nook to store their school bags, brief cases, and purses? We vote YES! to an organized entry into the home.

If the mud room is tucked away, or out in the open,we can coordinate a space that complements the homes decor. Pick your cabinetry color, panel and door profile, your hooks and knobs, and create something that makes your life easier. A mud room for the family, and more importantly a mud room for sanity. We vote YES! to peace of mind.

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