Home & Haven is thrilled to have opened an on-site wood and custom stain shop. We can customize your stair case to match any hardwood or engineered hardwood you select. We build all our stair cases to code to ensure safety and compliance, and we strive to deliver perfection.

Stair case design is an art. From the railing and spindle selection to the material of choice. We have experts here that can seamlessly combine all of the elements you are looking for.

The Home & Haven wood shop works mainly with oak and maple, but we could also source different wood species if ever requested. In terms of spindle options, our shop works with wrought iron spindles, wood, stainless steel and glass panels too! We can almost guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for. Let’s build your stairs; together!

And....we just got in Rustic Alder Barn Doors that we can paint or stain to match any shade of your choice.



Our wood specialists hand stain/paint every piece of wood in house. This is true artisan work. We don’t spray our stains and we pride ourselves on that. We never compromise on quality for speed, and that is what separates us from others. Taking our time to deliver a product that elevates your home is our top priority.

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