Home & Haven is a family owned local business. Right next door to us is the End of the Roll. End of the Roll, Sudbury is also a family owned local business; and we are the same family!

We are the Michelutti’s!!!

End of the Roll has been our legacy store for the last 25 years and we have done well in Sudbury. Just recently, we were voted the Best Flooring Store in Sudbury for 2018. Thank you Sudbury, for keeping us in business!

Since we have the flooring side of the renovations covered, we thought Home & Haven selling windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms would fit really well together.

End of the Roll shares a fluid space with Home & Haven for the purpose of allowing our clients to do their selections.  You can pick your kitchen, windows, doors, and flooring and see what colors and textures align with your vision.  It is all part of the design experience.

We also have the ability to coordinate all installations because one family runs both stores. Two stores; working in partnership.

End of the Roll has recently renovated our entire store! Our show room and warehouse has all been updated. We have got stock, we have custom orders, we have the largest selection in the North. From hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, carpet, area rugs, turf, to vinyl decking, we have it all and so much more. The applications are endless and the stock is unparalleled.

The space is bright and beautiful, and we encourage you to take your time browsing. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff have been in the business for years working alongside the best in Sudbury. They know flooring.

Our manufacturer's are continually in the store updating our displays, ensuring that we have the latest in floor trends.  It is truly remarkable just how many options you have when selecting your floor and tiles. Depending on the look you are going for, we can combine different options so that you achieve your custom home. We take pride in this.

End of the Roll has been a flooring destination in Sudbury for years. The Michelutti Family has built this store from the ground up.  Peter Sr & Debbie Michelutti have made the Michelutti name synonymous with exceptional client service in the flooring industry.  Peter Jr & Kerrie are continuing to grow the business as Sr & Debbie retire.  The sky is the limit with these two.


End of the Roll has the largest tile selection in the North. We pride ourselves on making sure we have the latest styles for your new build or renovation project. Whether it is a back splash for your kitchen, tiles for a shower or large formats for the floor; we have an endless selection that will inspire your decorating beast that lies within!

Home & Haven works side by side with End of the Roll and we have up’d our tile game. Since starting Home & Haven, we have sourced fantastic manufacturers who deliver on all trends when it comes to feature walls, back splashes, tile for tub surrounds & showers, and for fireplaces too.


Whether it is an exterior wall, a main wall in your home, or in your business, we carry porcelain, glass, ceramic, clay looking porcelain, ledger stone, and wood looking tiles. Every month we have our manufacturers presenting us with different options so that we can stay ahead of the trend.  We love that.  We love watching our customers walk away happy and we love knowing that people are excited.

Feature walls add character to your space and we think the only problem you will have here is narrowing down your selections.


After designing your kitchen, and spending endless hours thinking about how you want your space to look and feel, the last step is the back splash.  It will brighten the dark space under your cupboards and complete the overall look.

We have all sorts of tiles; subway tiles, different shaped tiles, blended materials, mirrored & stainless, natural stone…really everything you can think of!

We have had people go on Pinterest, find a back splash, and come to us to help recreate that look.  Using chair rail tiles, and trim to niche out a square above the stove, or marrying two different tiles to add a custom look; it is easy to be creative when given the selection and the time to dream.


Replacing the tile around your tub is a good idea to help prevent water leaks and give your bathroom a face lift. Either way you are increasing the value of your home.

Tub surrounds can be done in so many ways.  Whether you are building a shower or doing the tub surround, come and see us and we can help you.

We specialize in building showers.

We have waterproof materials, we can build benches, walk in showers, niches for your hygiene products, and we can work with your plumber to get the right placement of your shower head and handles.


Fireplaces are the focal point of any room. Cladding your fireplace with tile or stone to accentuate the fire will complete the look of your room. Designing your entire space starting with the fireplace is a great jumping off point.

We carry many different options and have partnered with Campeau Heating for the fireplaces and mantels. We can work together and coordinate the warmest place in your home; your custom fireplace.

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